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Stockport Race Equality Partnership exists because:



60% of EDCs are living below the poverty line, and black and minority ethnic households are over twice as likely to live in poverty as their white counterparts.



Homeownership and the use of social housing vary greatly between ethnic groups. Ethnic minority households are often of lower quality and overcrowding is more common. 



Around 1 in 10 adults from EDCs are unemployed, compared with 1 in 25 White British people.




A sizeable gap in attainment is apparent between disadvantaged pupils (which are skewed towards EDCs) and those from better-off households.



There are very few examples of ethnically diverse corporate and
public sector leaders.


Health and 
Criminal Justice

Health and criminal justice outcomes are often poorer for EDCs, from higher death rates in childbirth to numbers of arrests and convictions.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team
Aba Graham Headshot CMYK.jpg

Aba Graham

Founder & Director

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Nadeem Ahmed


Solomon Onaolapo Headshot RGB.jpg

Solomon Onaolapo


Who we are

Across the country, small community-led organisations, charities and individuals work hard to combat statistics like these – driving change, advocating fairness, tackling marginalisation and discrimination, and building equity within our systems. S-REP works as the thread that knits these brilliant people together, ensuring that Ethnically Diverse Communities (EDC) in Stockport:

  • Have clear pathways to services that will improve their lives.

  • Know their rights (and responsibilities), are aware of emerging legislation, and can challenge underperformance.

  • Have their voices heard by decision-makers across all sectors.

  • Contribute to research, roundtables, meetings, etc to share the EDC experience of issues such as integration, language, communication and accessibility, with a view to influencing policy and driving positive change.

  • Have access to peer support, networking, training, and personal development opportunities.

  • Are part of a thriving, inclusive borough, which understands and celebrates diversity, and enables all its people to live their fullest lives.

Who we are

What we do

Stockport Race Equality Partnership exists to:

What we do
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