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Aba Graham

Aba Graham Headshot CMYK.jpg

Over the past 25 plus years, Aba Graham has tirelessly strived for equality and justice on behalf of the black community in Stockport by advocating and supporting people into various levels of education, employment and life choices. By doing so she has helped well over 500 people and deterred around 25 people from entering into crime. She has done this with limited funding and invested her own money to ensure its maintenance.


Aba has been paramount in educating all sectors of the community providing awareness training, cultural events and building partnerships. She has co-founded EaICO and Nexus as well as established Stockport Race Equality Partnership. Aba is also advising on race equality for the GMP independent advisory group.


Aba is currently a Wellbeing Coordinator supporting 26 community groups to develop their pathway to independence. She is always raising awareness to elevate a conscious mindset. Her experience of equality and justice creates a platform to encourage change through public speaking, engagement, facilitation and research.

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