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We work to:

A Man and a Woman looking at a Design
  • Integrate communities in Stockport

  • Influence decision-makers

  • Improve health outcomes

  • Tackle food poverty

  • Align services and funding to better support EDCs

  • Strengthen EDC-led organisations

Working Together

We want to work with you!

If you are an ethnically diverse person living in Stockport, an organisation that seeks to support and encourage EDCs, or a public body or business looking to improve the way you work with everyone across Stockport. Get in touch with us at:

Our Values

Black Men and Women in Solidarity.png

We are ambitious and believe that individuals and communities are a force for positive change. We influence structural powers to drive equality of opportunity. We work together to make Stockport thrive for all of its communities.


We celebrate cultural differences and demonstrate how this difference strengthens our borough and the whole of the UK. 


We are inclusive of everyone, proud of our diversity and united by a common cause. We support, respect and value each other and work without prejudice.


We are positive in our work, recognise each others’ contributions, and celebrate success.


We are independent and rooted in the communities we serve. We use our voice to challenge and inspire change in health services, public policy and people’s attitudes across Stockport and beyond.


We respect people, we listen, and we find the solutions and support that empower people now, knowing that this will inspire future generations of BAME people in Stockport.

Nurturing our Ethnically Diverse Communities

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