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Updated: Jun 12, 2022

REFLECTING ON RAMADAN (coming to an end)

“By the token of time, surely humankind is at a loss except those who believe and do righteous.”

Ramadan is nearly coming to an end. It is at this time we really need to reflect and think of the purpose and our intentions for the rest of the year. The hope is that; steadfast prayers will continue as Ibadah (Worship). Additionally, continue to do good to family, friends and community, with Khushoo (concentration, focus and humility).

COVID-19 has tested us all and continues to do so, but we must encourage and support each other as the strains of Dunya (World) press on, inshallah. Ramadan is a time for self-reflection, be intentional. Allah will continue to give you Dua (blessings) you abundantly. One of the signs of the acceptance of Ramadan is that you continue to carry on doing the deeds you performed in Ramadan. Life is short, so utilise Ramadan as a catalyst for your transformation.

Eid is the celebration after Ramadan click to the link below and see how Muslim’s celebrate Eid around the world



S-REP is very much in its infancy, so we appreciate why volunteering is important as it will help us grow as a community interest group in delivering all the much need work to improve lives in our locality.

We would very much appreciate it if you have time spare to help us. There is a lot of learning and skills growth in volunteering. If you are interested in supporting our cause, please fill in the volunteer form.



We welcome members of all backgrounds to help us share our message and help our various communities with your abundance of skills. You can contact us using any of our social media channels (at the bottom of the page) or click below to below to become a member.



The fact is Africans and Caribbeans are less likely to take Covid-19 vaccine. This hesitancy is due to many reasons. The highest number of people from ethnic diverse communities not taking the vaccine is at 72% for people of African decent compared to

42% from Pakistani heritage or Bangladeshi heritage which is still low. Additionally, there is also a lot of mis-information that brings mistrust.

The Government recognised the problem so much so they have develop the community champion funds to help local communities dispel myths and give people the right information to make informed choices about taking the vaccine.

S-REP suggested to Stockport’s Public Health to set up a vaccine workshop to look at the situation. S-REP are now working with Stockport’s Public Health to ensure the right information gets to our ethnically diverse communities. Also S-REP’s upcoming event for ‘Mental Health Awareness week’ on 20th May, will explore how COVID-19 has negatively impacted well-being.

We also have a Q&A session about COVID-19 on 27th May 2021.



S-REP MEMBERS EVENT Thursday 20 May 2021 Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 10 to 16 May 2021. At our event on the 20th May we will be discussing with our guest speakers why it is that 1 in 4 people from ethnically diverse communities don't share their mental health issues. Please join us for this important discussion was its crucial we break the stigma of mental health within our communities. S-REP COVID-19 VACINE Q&A Thursday 27 May 2021 This is your chance to ask questions about the coronavirus vaccine so you can be fully informed about if you should take it or not. So far in England 41.3M doses have been given, the number of people fully vaccinated is 12.5M, which is 22.3% of England’s population. S-REP FUNDING WORKSHOP Thursday 3 June 2021

Join us for this workshop introduction to funding/grants. Win the funding your organisation needs. Learn about different types of funding. Our expert guidance will help you make the perfect pitch to ensure bidding success in this difficult financial climate.



ROSA Tuesday 11 May 2021


Equality, diversity and inclusion are terms that we all recognise, but it’s important to understand what they mean in practise and embed anti-racism into everything we do. Join an expert in the field of unconscious bias and anti-racism for a webinar on good practice and tools to enable women’s organisations to be more inclusive.



Unremembered Britain's Forgotten War Heroes

David Lammy MP reveals the shocking story of how 100,000 or more Africans who died in their own continent serving Britain during World War I were denied the honour of an individual grave.

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