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Updated: Jun 12, 2022


Stockport Community Champions Volunteers

We are looking for Community Champions whom everyone knows and trusts within our communities. Volunteering will help you with life skills in supporting others. It will look great on your CV and help people in need in your local community.

It is really easy to get involved: All you need to do is sign-up to be a Community Champion. You’ll be given free training and the latest information about COVID-19. And you will be reimbursed for any travelling and lunch expenses.

Champions will share correct information with anyone in their community who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. It could be your family, friends, colleagues or within a local community group. Champions feedback what is and isn’t working. It will help vaccine hesitancy dispel myths or concerns.



Black people living in Greater Manchester are over five times more likely to be stopped and searched or tasered by police officers, according to 'concerning' new report. It showed that black people are 5.3 times more likely to have been stopped and searched by police than white people, with this most likely to be the case in Tameside. They are 5.7 times more likely to have had a taser used against them by officers from GMP, with Oldham and Trafford proving to be the boroughs where this is the highest. The report also highlighted that the black population are four times more likely to have had force used against them, with this particularly notable in Trafford. Residents from, Black African, Black Caribbean and Black British backgrounds were also found to be 2.8 times more likely to have been arrested, with figures particularly high in Tameside. Findings also show that the South Asian population, which includes Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and mixed Asian were 2.3 times more likely to have been stopped and searched by police. S-REP welcomes this long awaited GMP Race Equality report. The pessimistic approach would be not another report? We need to leave room to embrace change. The report highlighted some significant issues and also resolutions. S-REP will not only respond to the report, but will be closely looking at the actions and reaction within our locality. We certainly want to work with GMP to not only eradicate racism within their structure, but to ensure that there are systems in place to challenge behaviour and attitudes of some within the force.


IT’S YOUR RIGHT TO REGISTER WITH A GP (without documentation)

There are thought to be up to 1.2 million undocumented migrants in the UK, according to a 2019 report by the Pew social science research centre. Many are cut off from public services, often with the fear of deportation hanging over them. The NHS policy explicitly entitles them to register with a GP without any documentation, yet many are getting turned away - this is unlawful.

During the pandemic, those who live in the UK, but have an uncertain immigration status, have faced major barriers to receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. However, one of the easiest way to get the vaccine is to be registered with a GP.

NHS England policy is clear. “Anyone in England can register with a GP surgery. It’s free to register. You do not need proof of address or immigration status, ID or an NHS number.”



Children will be able to access up to 16 x 4 hour sessions throughout the summer holidays at no cost to parents. Some clubs offer longer sessions and some provide specific sessions for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) or additional needs.

The sessions will include a variety of fun activities, including sports, music, arts and other exciting opportunities to learn and develop skills. Children will also receive a nutritious meal each day. As well as this programme, families who are eligible for Universal Credit may be able to claim back up to 85% of their childcare costs.

The call for a desperate need to set up a cultural food bank to support local families needs your ongoing support. E&ICO is looking for volunteers, food donations and clothing donations as there are families in Stockport right now without no recourse to public funds who are in desperate need.



If you’re pregnant or have children under the age of 4, you can get FREE vouchers or payments every 4 weeks to spend on:

• cow’s milk.

• fresh, frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables.

• infant formula milk.

• fresh, dried, and tinned pulses.

• Healthy Start vitamins.


STOCKROOM The Future of Stockport’s High Street

Stockport has successfully bid for £14.5m of Government 'Future High Streets Fund' money to transform vacant retail units in the heart of our high street, Merseyway.

This money will be spent on ‘Stockroom’ – an idea for a 21st Century, universal learning and discovery space which could give the people of Stockport an opportunity to learn new skills, practice arts and crafts, enjoy live music and performances, use free services, and benefit from cutting-edge learning and IT facilities.

Stockroom is for ALL Stopfordians and they want to hear from you about what you would like to see this space being used for. The public consultation is now unfortunately closed but you can email please email to give your thoughts and help shape the future of Stockport’s high-street. Let’s make it an inclusive one.



This year’s award categories include recognising our key worker and community champions, innovators, volunteers, leaders at any level and those who have helped improve the wellbeing of those around them during such a challenging year.

The awards are open to all individuals or teams, paid or unpaid, who work in the health or care sector in Greater Manchester or through broader work help improve the health and wellbeing of others. Nominations can be completed by colleagues or members of th

e public who wish to see an individual or team’s hard work recognised. Nominations close on Monday 16 August.


IN THE SPOTLIGHT Rising Stars North West

Rising Stars North West enhances the skills, confidence and aspirations of children and young people in Stockport and Greater Manchester through music, art, media and events.

Their aims are to:

  • Develop the creative skills of young people through music, filming and events.

  • Encourage participation in music and the arts amongst young people in the region.

  • Cultivate the arts of music and films, particularly amongst young people, and to encourage public appreciation of these arts.

  • Engage and inspire young people living in disadvantaged communities by providing positive, creative activities and regular opportunities for

  • young people to volunteer and showcase their talent to friends and family.



South Asian Heritage Month, launched in 2020, will runs from 18th July till 17th August annually. So there’s still plenty of time to join in the celebrations. South Asian Heritage Month aims to celebrate and raise the profile of British South-Asian history and heritage the UK.



Are you worried about the unlocking and easing of COVID-19 regulations since 19th July’s so called Freedom Day? There is wealth of useful and correct COVID-19 information you you can make informed choices about taking the vaccine. Please don’t suffer in silence.



We all know that ethnically diverse communities were (and still are) being adversely affected by COVID-19 and coupled with the fact that Stockport has always had a higher rate of infection than the national average. This combination had been devastating too many ethnically diverse Stopfordians. The report below gives an insight into some of the underline issues highlighted. Please read the report and help us support the people who are really suffering.

S-REP is working with Public Health and the Local Authority to share correct COVID-19 information to our ethnically diverse communities, to make informed choices when deciding to take the vaccine. To this aim, we are promoting and advocating for ‘Stockport’s Community Champions’ to come forward to support us with correct information sharing.



19 year-old Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole was on his way home when he entered the freezing cold River Thames at around midnight on Saturday 24th April 2021 after spotting a woman fall from London Bridge.

This young man did not hesitate to try and save her. But sadly he drowned. The woman was saved. Folajimi deserves this country's highest award for bravery – The George Cross. Please sign this petition to get the recognition this young man (gone to soon) truly deserves.



A gunman blasted Cheriff Tall, 21, and Abayomi Ajose, 36, in the head at a lockdown party in a car park off Caythorpe Street, Moss Side just before 1am on June 21 2020.

The families of both victims spoke movingly about the loss of their loved ones and made public appeals for some of the 300 people at the event to come forward. But so far police haven't identified an eye-witness who is prepared to give evidence. Please come forward if you have any information, it’s been over a year now and the families need justice.

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